Tip: Improve your NPR Renderings with Overlay Textures

The featured image is from an upcoming tutorial, where you’ll learn how to apply a screentone style to your renderings using the Compositor in Blender.

Sometimes the big, flat colored areas in NPR renderings can look quite boring.
But it does not have to stay that way.
When you’ve finished your image, you can add an extra layer of detail by adding an overlay texture.

An overlay texture can make your image look as if it was drawn on actual paper with actual paint.

I started using this technique after discovering a pack of overlay textures by David Revoy (here).
Inspired by that, I also created a bunch of overlay textures myself. You can find them in the Resource category.


Using an overlay texture is pretty simple:

Just add the texture on top of the layer stack of your favorite image editor (e.g. GIMP) and set the layer mode to “Overlay” (you can also try different modes).
You can control the strength of the effect with the layer opacity.

You could also use an overlay texture in the Blender Compositor. Just use a Color>Mix node and set the mode to “Overlay”.


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