How To: Matcap Shading in the Compositor

Did you know you can apply a Matcap after rendering?
Well, that’s actually possible!

First, you’ll need to download the Sharkigator Node Collection.
It contains the nodes necessary to modify the normal pass and map the Matcap.

Note: This won’t work with Cycles, because Cycles delivers a world space Normal pass (as far as I can tell).
For Matcaps, a camera space Normal pass is required. (Unless you want to do some fancy transformations…)

First of all, you’ll have to enable the Normal pass in the Render Layer settings:

Fig. 1 | Full size.

Now in the Compositor, you have to load the Matcap with a Input>Image node.

Then append the “Matcap” node from the Sharkigator Node Collection. (It’s in the file Composite.blend)
Connect the Normal pass and the Matcap image to it.

The image produced by the Matcap node has wrong transparency in it.
To fix that, add a Converter>Alpha Convert with the mode set to “Premul to Straight” and then a Converter>Set Alpha with an Alpha value of 1.0 after it (or your own Alpha Channel).

The full setup looks like this:

Fig. 2 | Full size.

And now you’re already done!

I hope this was helpful.
If you liked this tutorial, make sure to check out my other tutorials, too!
And if you want to make a video tutorial about this, please, go ahead!


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