avatar This is the blog of Philip Holzmann.

I’m a hobbyist 3D graphics designer using Blender, a free 3D graphics suite.
I also try to learn drawing / painting. For that I use Krita, GIMP and MyPaint.

This blog

On this blog, I will publish anything that comes to my mind that needs to be said.

For example short Blender Tutorials, Artwork (not all, check my DA below, if you want to see all), Resources (textures?) and maybe some programming stuff.


  • Creating artwork
  • Maintaining the Irrlicht wrapper IrrlichtLime. My nickname there is f-o-a-l-y
  • Working on OpenClonk (a great open source game!)


You can contact me here. There is a contact form below.

You can also find me on DeviantArt: sharkigator.deviantart.com

And I’m on the euIRC (nickname: Sharkigator) in the channels #clonk #openclonk #openclonk-dev (and some others).