Some external links that may be useful for you.

Blender (free 3D graphics software) (Main website)

BlenderNation (Daily news)

BlenderGuru (Tutorials)

BlenderNPR (Non-photorealistic rendering and tutorials)


Adaptive Samples (Blender tips and HDRs)

Creative Shrimp (Abstract-ish tips for 3D artists, focused on Blender)

Studio LLB (NPR rendering for Blender)

mclelun (NPR rendering and painting)

David Revoy (Art + tips, creator of Pepper & Carrot)


Insomniac Games (The makers of the Ratchet and Clank series)

Clonkspot (Main hub for the game Clonk, also check out OpenClonk)


TwoKinds (A comic about a guy who lost his memory, fantasy themed) by Tom Fischbach

Pepper & Carrot (A comic about a young witch and her cat) by David Revoy

Faux Pas (A comic about an innocent fox)

Original Life (Be careful, links to 18+ content! The comic itself is safe-for-work)


Major Lazer

Noisia (Drum & Bass)

Culprate (Avantgarde, Electronic)